eMarketing Course for Entrepreneurs

Align Your Marketing Strategies and Your Core Values!

Be Honest, Be True, Be of Service, and Have Fun!

The eMarketing course for entrepreneurs is a collection of resources (mostly video) highlighting the knowledge and wisdom of thought leaders and marketing experts, presented in modules that cover the following:

eMarketing Wisdom Course Overview

Each modules consists of about 3 to 5 topics (a few units have not been completed).

(1) Know your calling in life. (2) Base your business on core principles of responsibility, gratitude, integrity, patience. (3) Develop marketing mindsets based on trust, composure, balance, alignment. (4) Integrate core principles and mindsets through contemplation and meditation. (5) Base your marketing on wholesome and emerging business paradigms. (6) Develop your marketing niche, (7) compelling content, and (8) appropriate pricing strategies.


eMarketing Wisdom Course Outline


The course is free – see below for details!

Is This Course For You?

Are you …

  • Searching for a wholesome approach to business and marketing?
  • Considering entrepreneurship?
  • In the starting stages of a new business?
  • Struggling with your marketing mindset?

Do you wish to …

  • Develop integrity in your marketing?
  • Explore core personal and business values?
  • Expand Inbound marketing strategies?
  • Examine value and pricing?

See Below for More Information!

Tell Me More

The course is an extensive collection of resources that draw upon the wisdom of thought leaders and authorities, who promote wholesome approaches to business and marketing.

The goal of the course is to provide practical perspectives that will enrich and inform business and marketing strategies; this includes a meta-analysis of the marketing strategies of notable marketers.

All of the materials in the course are free – please feel free to share! – the comment threads on the posts are the means to participate in discussions and provide feedback.

Sample Units

Here is a sample topic, randomly selected; refresh the page to see another, and another, …

Sample Unit, Randomly Selected

Why This Particular Course?

There are dozens of marketing courses for all sorts of needs and to meet all sorts of goals; So why this course?

  1. The materials represent some of the best lectures currently available on the topics selected.
  2. The lectures are by various authorities, each with their own style and viewpoint. You will be exposed to a wide variety of perspectives.
  3. The course is self-paced and self-directed; you may follow any thread at any time.
  4. The course is completely free!